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Last updated on 08 January 2020
Digital Signature
What is a Document Audit Trail and Why is It Important?
All audit trails can serve as legal tools to present proof of a transaction’s history, and a digital audit trail in an application makes it possible for even digital processes to be verified and proven in court.
PLDT Enterprise, Twala to offer blockchain smart contracts solution
PLDT Enterprise inked an MOU with Twala to co-innovate and productize Twala, a blockchain-powered document and digital signature platform.
IdeaSpace invests P1 million each into 3 tech startups
Pangilinan-led IdeaSpace Foundation has infused P3 million into three startups that capitalize on the shift to digital platforms to address challenges and risks arising from the new normal.
Are esignatures legal in the Philippines?
So, you’re finally convinced of the significant cost and productivity benefits that esignatures can bring to your business. But there’s one compelling thought that has been keeping you from giving your green light to adopt the technology – are e-signatures legal in the Philippines?