Local Government
Improve governance with faster workflows and prevent public document fraud/forgery with independently verifiable digital documents.
Better public service
Government offices issue volumes of paper documents on a daily basis - from business permits, compliance certificates, tax declaration, health certificates, barangay clearance, and a lot more. Government offices and departments can now serve their constituents better by issuing digital documents to speed up processing and reduce manual work. With secure esignatures, every document issued by any government office can easily be verified thus preventing document fraud.
Use cases
  • Government Clearances (e.g. Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance)
  • Government Permits (e.g. Digital Business Permit)
  • Digital Certificates (e.g. Inspection/Fire/Sanitary)
  • Digital Receipts/Purchase Orders
  • Tax Documents (e.g. Digital Tax Declaration)
  • Government Laws, Issuances, Notices, Memorandums, and Statements
  • All Government-issued Documents