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Last updated on 08 January 2020
ARTA, Twala partner to boost digitalization efforts
THE Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) has announced a strategic partnership with Twala, a digital signature and digital identity startup supported by the Department of Science and Technology through the DoST Startup Grant Fund, to enhance the agency's digitalization strategy.
PLDT Enterprise, Twala to offer blockchain smart contracts solution
PLDT Enterprise inked an MOU with Twala to co-innovate and productize Twala, a blockchain-powered document and digital signature platform.
Disini Law Holds Talk On Electronic Signature
On July 2, 2020, Disini Law, in partnership with Digital Freedom Network, presented “E-Signature: Are They Legal”, the second episode in the webinar series Digital Transformation Thursdays (DTT).
Twala, win in CCIFP’s first Startup Pitch Competition
A blockchain-powered e-signature solution and a leading education technology (edtech) platform won the very first Startup Pitch Competition virtually held by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines (CCIFP) last Feb. 8.
Twala Joins IdeaSpace 2021 Acceleration Program, Gets Recognized By La French Tech Philippines
Twala, a tech startup that offers digital transformation of businesses with their legally binding and secure electronic signature platform powered by blockchain technology, got selected as one of the startups that will join the IdeaSpace Philippines Acceleration Program 2021.
IdeaSpace invests in blockchain startup Twala
IDEASPACE Foundation, the startup support organization behind IdeaSpace and QBO Innovation Hub, announced a new round of investments after closing the ninth cohort of the IdeaSpace acceleration program.
Contract Notarization — Is it Necessary?
Notarization is to certify or attest to a document by a notary public. A duly notarized document carries with it the presumption of regularity, authenticity, and due execution.
Startups with growth potential despite COVID-19 win big
If your startup can pivot toward sustainability, and, at the same time, respond to issues surrounding COVID-19, then the business has a good chance of surviving this pandemic.
Legalities of Electronic Signatures in the Philippines
The use of electronic signatures in the Philippines remains a vast sea of opportunities that is unexplored by different industries.
Latest Issuances Related to Electronic and Digital Signatures from the Philippine Government
The E-Commerce Act of 2000 allows the use of electronic and digital signatures in the Philippines.
5 best practices for implementing a document management system (that your people will love)
As companies embrace new ways of working like remote or hybrid work setups, having a systematic process of saving, retrieving, sharing, and retaining business data is now more important than ever.
The 10 Benefits of Using Secure eSignatures
They’re an important tool in an effective and efficient contract management process. Curious to see how this tool could revolutionize how you do business?
Are esignatures legal in the Philippines?
So, you’re finally convinced of the significant cost and productivity benefits that esignatures can bring to your business. But there’s one compelling thought that has been keeping you from giving your green light to adopt the technology – are e-signatures legal in the Philippines?