Case Study
May 10, 2023
Case Study: How a Cybersecurity Firm Protects its Documents with Twala

Secuna is a cybersecurity company that offers Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to businesses across various industries. They help companies identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities in their systems and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks. As a security-focused company, they are very mindful of the importance of document security and compliance standards.


As a young startup, Secuna faced several challenges in their document management and approval processes. One of the biggest issues was the ineffective manual process that required them to copy their template, modify placeholders, generate a PDF, and email each agreement document for every project they worked on. This process took up a lot of their time and resources.


Additionally, they had to use a separate service to monitor and track the status of their documents while they were being prepared, signed, and stored. Furthermore, security and compliance standards were a concern, as the manual processes lacked an appropriate audit trail, making it difficult to track and ensure compliance.


In search of a solution, Secuna found Twala, a blockchain-powered secure esignature platform. They chose Twala as their preferred esignature solution because of its ease of use and security. Secuna also noted Twala’s exceptional customer support and quick response to any issues or concerns that arose, making it easy for Secuna to integrate the platform into their workflows.


After integrating Twala into their operations, Secuna experienced a significant improvement in their document processing turnaround time. The platform enabled them to rapidly create and send documents to customers for signing, all while providing valuable audit trail and document tracking functionalities. This resulted in a more streamlined process that saved the company time and resources.


In terms of impact, Secuna gave Twala a perfect score of 10for cost savings, turnaround time, and increased compliance and improved audit readiness. They also appreciated the platform's security features and adherence to industry standards and best practices. Currently, they do not use any other solutions for document management and approvals, as Twala has been a sufficient solution.


In conclusion, Secuna highly recommends Twala, describing it as a fantastic solution for businesses looking to automate their document management and signing processes. They expressed their appreciation for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all their important documents are secure, and they can focus on the more important aspects of their business.

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