Case Study
February 19, 2024
Case Study: National Confederation of Cooperatives Bank (NCCB) Implements Twala Sign to Streamline Approval Processes

National Confederation of Cooperatives Bank (NCCB) is a cooperative bank operating nationwide that needed a reliable and efficient way to approve and sign documents, especially for internal processes like requests for payments and cash advances. Prior to using Twala Sign, NCCB heavily depended on manual processes. NCCB approved all HR documents manually by routing physical documents, scanning the signed copy, and finally emailing it to the branches.

The hassle of downloading, signing, scanning, and sending documents prompted NCCB to look for a digital signature solution that is efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. Twala Sign fit the bill, and they chose it as their preferred digital signature solution because of its manageable subscription fees and strong security.


With Twala Sign, NCCB was able to streamline their processes in a remote work set up. Their approval process became faster with everything being done digitally -  from preparing to signing and sending the documents. Preparers use laptops or desktops, while approvers , who are usually out of the office, can use their mobile phones wherever they are and whenever they please to. The audit trail in Twala Sign comes in handy for NCCB, allowing them to see when the document is signed  ensuring transparency and accuracy in their processes. Twala Sign has helped NCCB to centralize all approvals to check accuracy, a requirement for audits.


After adopting Twala Sign, NCCB has been able to reduce costs and save time for their employees, who no longer need to spend resources on printing and routing documents. They can now easily retrieve files and be audit-ready with the help of the audit trail accounting the signing journey of the document.


Raul Calayan Jr., CEO of NCCB, highly recommends Twala Sign to other companies, having already introduced it to NATCCO (NationalConfederation of Cooperatives), where one of the board members is the CEO. She told her team to look into Twala Sign because NCCB is already using it.


In conclusion, Twala Sign has helped NCCB to streamline their approval processes, making them faster, more reliable, and efficient, while also saving time, paper, and money. With the audit trail in Twala Sign,NCCB is audit-ready, ensuring transparency and accuracy in their processes.Twala Sign is a cost-effective solution that is recommended by NCCB's CEO, making it a trustworthy choice for other companies looking for a reliable digital signature solution.

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