May 10, 2023
How to Optimize Your Legal Departments with Secure eSignature

The importance of your legal department cannot be overstated. They handle all contracts and agreements that your business needs, from start to finish. However, this process generates massive amounts of paper, which in turn, generates massive amounts of work for your legal team.

To ensure maximum functionality and productivity within your legal department, you should consider implementing dynamic innovations of the legal tech industry — namely, E-Signature solutions. They attribute many advantages and guarantee a more functional and mobile legal department. It also gives rise to opportunity costs by ensuring efficiency, which aligns with the main goal of every business.

Here is our guide on how to optimize legal departments with E-Signature solutions:

What Challenges Do Legal Departments Face With Contracts?

Time management, reduced costs, and operational efficiency, all while maintaining documents that are compliant, secure, and audit-ready — companies have many expectations of a modern legal department. 

One of the biggest hurdles to achieving these expectations is the contract drafting and signing. In the traditional print-scan-sign-send process, we look at hours wasted on tasks that can easily be digitized.

Implementing an E-Signature solution can streamline this entire contract workflow — and save time for your Legal department. However, not all solutions are the same. You must find one with guaranteed regulatory compliance, smooth and consistent user experience, and a user-centric approach to avoid disruptions and delays in the workflow.

How to Optimize Your Contract Process with Twala’s E-Signature Solution

As the name implies, an E-Signature solution is part of a larger contract management service that provides the tools you need to sign and complete contracts online and remotely. This automates your paperwork processes within your legal department, giving your people more time and room to handle other specialized legal tasks. 

The E-Signature solution is especially helpful for organizations with extensive legal duties, where document management is crucial yet extremely tedious. 

Twala’s E-Signature solution is precisely designed to meet the needs of Legal departments. Our tools can help you do more with less — allowing you to automate processes and workflows, standardize your contract process, and securely store your documents. All this helps you deliver significant value for your business. 

What are the Benefits of E-Signature Solutions for Legal Departments?

Twala’s E-Signature solution for legal departments is designed to meet client expectations. Our tools allow faster contract processing with options for remote access, which in turn helps provide the following benefits: 

Accelerates Legal Contract Lifecycles

E-signatures are tools that are used to add signatures of authorized parties — wherever they are. This means your clients can add their signatures even through their laptops or phones. 

As a result, your legal contract lifecycles are sped up, and your clients can sign documents with ease. This is made even easier — and more legally compliant — with Twala’s quick and simple AI-enabled ID verification with a blockchain-based digital ID. Each document processed on our platform is signed with qualified signatures and can be validated from everywhere at any time.

Improves Your Client’s Experience

Twala provides an intuitive and easy-to-use signing experience by guiding each of our users through the signing process. This makes the switch from traditional to digital and remote signing painless for your clients. 

It also allows you to meet clients where they are. This is especially useful if you’re dealing with those with busy lifestyles, as our E-Signature solution provides access to documents on any device, making it easier for them to work mobile.

Keeps Legal Data Safe and Secure

As a professional in the legal industry, you may have some concerns regarding the legality of E-Signatures in the Philippines. And of course, you want to ensure that the digital services you invest in use the multi-layered security protocols necessary to protect sensitive data. 

The good thing is that Twala is fully compliant with the relevant laws and acts pertaining to E-Signatures, including the Philippines’ Electronic Commerce Act (RA 8792), the Supreme Court’s Rules on Electronic Evidence as well as the laws of major jurisdictions such as ESIGN, UETA, eIDAS, and more.

We also ensure that your legal data is protected with advanced security, using multiple layers of user authentication, AES 256-bit encryption for all your documents, and a SAS-70 certified data center to store your contracts.

Boost Team’s Productivity

The time savings that you gain from our digital tools can’t be ignored. Your legal department will not only see significant improvements in contract lifecycles, but also reduce the need to print, mail, or fax records to clients and partners. 

Furthermore, Twala’s platform is highly collaborative, allowing your legal teams to work on legal documents and even share them with relevant colleagues and departments in real-time. With this function, you can quickly and efficiently fill client needs as they come.

Improve Document Audit Trails

We provide complete visibility into the signing process, and the ability to track the status of any document. Each document processed on our platform uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and tamper-proof audit trail that details every action taken on the document. This goes beyond what is possible with any paper-based agreement.

Key Takeaway

Legal departments have to tackle massive amounts of contracts and other paper-based agreements in their daily practice. Knowing how to optimize your legal departments with E-signature solutions can provide significant value for both your teams and your clients. 

Contact Twala today or book a free demo to realize faster turnaround times, streamline contracts, reduce risk, and ensure compliance for your legal teams.

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