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May 10, 2023
How to Supercharge Your Recruitment by Automating your Contracts with Secure eSignature

Recruitment is the most business-critical job that your HR department does. It involves sourcing new employees to fill in vacant positions, and onboarding them seamlessly.

However, recruiting in the digital world is different from that of years past — even when not hiring at scale, it is challenging to keep up with the stacks of documents that come with each qualified candidate. 

This is where recruitment automation makes sense. These tools help improve efficiency and can lead to significant gains for your HR department. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved, and how to improve recruitment by automating the contract process. 

How do I Supercharge My Recruitment Process?

Recruitment, as we mentioned, involves a very lengthy and challenging documentation process — especially when it comes to facilitating new employment contracts. 

Electronic or digital signature platform, such as those offered by Twala, can help your business take the pain out of this aspect of recruitment. 

Our services help you substitute the tedious and time-consuming documentation process with an automated workflow. And, we offer a remote-access, highly secure, and personalized contracting experience for each of your candidates — something that simply can’t be found in your run-of-the-mill contract management software. 

We understand that many HR professionals have doubts about trusting automated, AI-powered services such as ours with such a nuanced and human-centric series of decisions — but have no fear. Automating your contract process with Twala doesn’t mean that you have to replace the insight, experience, and knowledge of your HR team. 

What our service does is automate the tedious but highly necessary job of collecting, reviewing, and signing contracts with new hires. This means you can make such an important process much more efficient — which leads to several benefits (which we discuss below!)

What are the Benefits of Paperless Recruitment Processes?

Twala’s contract automation, management and secure esignature services provide the technology you need to improve your contract processing. Using our web-based services has a myriad of benefits, including the following:

Better Experience for New Recruits

As new recruits have to submit plenty of pre-employment requirements, such as their IDs, diploma, transcript of records, and much more, making the whole onboarding process document-heavy on both your recruit and your HR department. 

In manual processes, this required a lengthy back and forth of scanning, sending, and reviewing documents — on top of the actual drafting and signing of the employment contract. This makes onboarding a tedious and unenjoyable experience for many recruits (which may set the tone for their stay at your company).

Automated contract tools that utilize secure esignatures are extremely helpful for accelerating and streamlining the onboarding process. Not only are your new hires empowered with the digital tools they need to easily upload their pre-employment documents, but the contracting process is also digitized, and available for them to complete remotely. As a result, your onboarding process is painless and can be finished much quicker than ever before. 

Faster Processing Time

Pre-screening, resume screening, background checks, and contract review are all time-sensitive yet time-consuming jobs that your HR department does for each recruit. 

With contract automation, your HR team gains the ability to process documents more efficiently and effectively. Streamlining these tasks then gives your team more time for jobs that need the human touch — connecting with candidates on a personal level, and creating a relationship that reflects positively on your company’s brand. So your HR department can get more done faster, with fewer resources (and have a better time doing it, too!)

Enhanced Document Management

In the many steps of the hiring and onboarding process, it’s easy for a document (or two) to slip in between the cracks. But losing someone’s employment contract or resume can have a significant negative impact on your HR team’s performance and their ability to bring in talented hires. 

Furthermore, the process of manually making each employment contract is complicated. Most companies go through every contract they draft, which includes copy-pasting key clauses or amending standard templates. 

This is highly inefficient and susceptible to human error. Twala helps your teams avoid all of this. Instead of going through this long process, your HR department gains automated templates that can be used to draft a new employment contract in minutes. This is also easily customized to fit the terms and agreements each recruit has negotiated during the hiring process. And from there, you can let our platform do the rest. 

This saves up to 45 minutes of work per contract — which is invaluable for your HR teams.

Compliance With Data Privacy Laws

Managing compliance is critical and complicated, especially when concerning data privacy and employment regulations. Automating your recruitment through a contract management software using secure esignature like Twala makes it much easier to adhere to both local and international laws. 

Twala is designed to be fully compliant with the Philippines’ Electronic Commerce Act (RA 8792) and the Supreme Court’s Rules on Electronic Evidence. Twala also adheres to all major eSignature laws in many jurisdictions (ESIGN, UETA, eIDAS, etc.). This means every contract made on our platform is legally binding.

Scale as Needed

Your hiring needs will vary over time. Using automation tools allows you to scale as needed. So it makes it easier to go from simply hiring for one opening, to sourcing talent for multiple open positions — without having to adjust your HR staff or spend more on payroll. Regardless of what hiring needs you to have, you’ll always have the tools you need to facilitate your contract process. 

Improve Your Bottom Line

Automating a time-sensitive task like contract drafting and signing will help you cut back on costs. Not only will your team be free to dedicate their time, efforts, and expertise to more value-driving tasks, but you can also reallocate funds to where they matter most. As a result, your HR department is simply more effective and efficient than ever before. 

Key Takeaway

Understanding how to improve recruitment by automating contracts is crucial for upping your HR department’s productivity and improving your onboarding process. Automating the repetitive yet important process of contracting will help you seal the deal more efficiently, and move new hires through the onboarding process with ease.

Empower your hiring professionals to focus their time and attention on finding the best candidate with a contract automation solution designed to support their success. Contact Twala today  or book a free demo to learn more about our plans and offers. 

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