February 19, 2024
Power Mac Center and Twala Collaborate to Modernize Document Management

Podium Mall, Mandaluyong - November 16, 2023 — In a strategic move towards operational efficiency, PowerMac Center, a trusted technology solutions provider, and the leading and premium Apple reseller in the Philippines, has partnered with Twala, a DOST-backed innovative document intelligence and digital signature platform. The collaboration aims to transition PowerMac Center from traditional paper-based workflows to a more streamlined digital process.

The partnership was formalized on November 16, 2023, at NIU in Podium Mall, Mandaluyong. Representatives from both PowerMac Center and Twala were present to mark the occasion. Twala's team included Co-founder and General Counsel, Atty. Third Bagro, along with Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Alexander Quinit, and Co-founder and Head of Engineering, Edilberto Salvador. PowerMac Center was represented by Ellaine Lam, Program Manager from Business Information Technology, Maximo Bernales Jr, Head of Business Information Technology along with other executives.

Twala's digital document management system, utilizing AI and blockchain, is set to simplify and secure Power Mac Center's document processes. The collaboration seeks to improve operational efficiency by minimizing paperwork and ensuring the security of digital documents.

Maximo Bernaes Jr, Head of PowerMac Center's Business Information Technology remarked, "Our aim at Power Mac Center is to embrace technological advancements. This partnership with Twala is a significant step toward digitizing and optimizing our workflows."

Speaking for Twala, Atty Bagro said: "We thank Power Mac Center for giving a Filipino startup like Twala a chance to showcase its world-class solutions. We're excited for this collaboration with them through our advanced document intelligence and digital signature capabilities, we hope to help redefine how businesses manage their documents in today's digital age."

Twala's commitment to digital transformation extends beyond this collaboration. They have actively contributed to the ongoing efforts of the Supreme Court in drafting rules for electronic notarization, and have recently signed agreements with the  Senate of the Philippines, the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO), and the Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP), to help these organizations level-up their digitization efforts.

The partnership between Power Mac Center and Twala reflects thinking different – Apple’s motto – about documents by leveraging technology for operational excellence and an improved customer experience. With this partnership, both parties aim to create positive impact particularly on streamlining processes, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring the security of digital transactions.

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