May 10, 2023
How to Streamline Operations with an eSignature

The pressure is on operational departments, as workloads increase faster than they can cope. To make matters worse, operations managers are pressed on several fronts — not only do they need to process business documents fast, but they also have to do so while upholding company standards.

The problem is that many companies stick to traditional means. But getting signatures the traditional way can cause many bottlenecks in your workflows, especially if you’re dealing with complicated interdepartmental documents.

Luckily, there is an easy and powerful way to improve this. Here’s how to streamline operations with electronic signature tools like Twala:

How to Streamline Operations With Twala’s Secure eSignature Tools

Common operational documents — such as sales contract approvals, account openings, applications, hiring, and onboarding — all have one common requirement: a signature. 

Being able to capture electronic signatures helps digitize your document workflows, and is an essential step to improving the efficiency of any operational department. It’s a must-have tool for going paper-free, and improving the signing process for both your teams and your stakeholders, too.

The good news is that these are one of the many tools that contract management and electronic signature solutions like Twala can provide. With our electronic signatures, you can bring all your documents online and streamline your entire contract process — including signing. 

Here’s how we do it:

Streamline Agreement Preparation 

Operations departments are in the process of drafting agreements, forms and other documents at any given time. This can be a lengthy process, with the need to set up all the necessary fields, every single time. So we provide the means to automate key parts of your documents. 

This is possible through our advance forms and template generator, which allows you to make outlines and workflows of signing and approval for the standard documents that get sent out for signature repeatedly, whether it is an onboarding document, application, or an NDA. No need to manually create a new document every time you need one. 

Inter-Departmental Collaboration

Using electronic signatures does not just help your business in the large picture, but also makes an impact when it comes to inter-departmental collaboration.

For example, using electronic signatures allows remote employees to sign when needed, without having to fax or scan documents or head over to the office in person. Since everything happens online with electronic signatures, documents can be shared and approved faster and with ease, even at an organizational level.

Signing is Easy and Accessible

With Twala, you can be confident that your documents will make it to the right people, and on time, and can be approved much quicker than ever before.

This ease of use is thanks to our platform. No matter where your clients, team members, or department heads are located, they can access your documents through our online platform, and sign as needed. They can even do this with any device such as their smartphone, tablet or laptop, empowering them with mobility and flexibility.

Our platform is highly safe to use, too — we take your data privacy seriously. We verify the identity of your signers with AI-enabled ID verification, via a blockchain-based digital ID. We also use bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption for all your documents, which ensures their security and privacy. 

Multiple Signatories — All At Once 

Most document flows involve multiple approvers or signers, making this workflow complex, repetitive, and time-consuming.

The good thing is that we provide an easy way to get everyone to sign, without much effort on your part. Each document you generate on our platform can be shared with anyone, registered Twala user or not. When you do decide to share it with them, they will be immediately informed through our email notifications. You can also customize the document workflow entirely, perfect for documents that needs multiple signers with multiple level of approvals. You can set wether you want the signers be able to sign the document/s all at once (parallel signing), in a specific order (serial signing) or a combination of both. 

Our electronic signature fields are also customizable in such a way that you can lock them to a certain signatory, and place them on specific parts of your document. This ensures that the right people are signing in the right places — ultimately helping you cut down on all that back and forth between signatories and departments. You can also send a reminder to your signer to sign a document via email or a notification from their dashboard.

Automate post-signature steps

So now you’ve prepared your document, routed it, and had it signed. However, this is not the end of the contract lifecycle — you still need to archive it or prepare it for reports. Normally, you would do these things manually after the document has been completed, but with Twala, you can automate a few of these steps to further streamline your operations. 

Our platform automatically archives any agreements or other documents that you complete with our services. These are stored on a secure cloud-based server, with extensive audit trails attached to them. These can be pulled and viewed when needed, which helps in your document storage and management.

Key Takeaway

This article showed how to streamline operations with an electronic signature, and why investing in this digital tool helps empower your teams to deal with documents securely and efficiently. 

Collect signatures on multiple documents at one time — all without needing to print a single piece of paper — with Twala. Contact us today or book a free demo to learn more about our service plans and features.

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